Equestrian Fencing

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Horse owners require equestrian fencing that is high quality, secure and horse friendly.  

Allison Enterprises tailor fencing solutions to each individual client that will ensure your yard or livery is secure whilst also ensuring the safety of your horse.  We have worked with a range of clients, including riding stables, farmers and smallholders, to provide agricultural fencing and horse fencing.

We’ll work with you to provide an attractive cost effective solution to suit your needs and budget.

Allison can provide a wide range of equestrian fencing solutions:

  • paddock fencing
  • post and rail fencing (nailed)
  • post and rail fencing (mortised)
  • heavy rail fencing
  • electrical fencing
  • riding and schooling arenas

What our clients say about us

"We found Allison Enterprises an excellent company to work with and delivered the project on time and within budget. We would certainly not hesitate to work with Allison Enterprises again in the future."

George Lawrie, TRACKS

“We are delighted to have come across Billy and Allison Enterprises. Not only was the work done to an exceptionally high standard, Allison’s gave the whole job the finished-off look that the project deserved.”

Tim Corcoran, Glenfarg Tennis Club

"Allison Enterprises carried out the project with minimum supervision and delivered the project on time. The team is well known to I & H Brown and have been used regularly throughout the years"

Alex Mark, I & H Brown