Replacement of signs at various Fire and Rescue Stations throughout Scotland

This project for the Sign Factory required Allison Enterprises to take down and replace the main building signs at various Fire and Rescue Stations throughout Scotland.

  • Client – Sign Factory
  • Value – £40,000
  • Location – Scotland

Project Description

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Overall Project:

The client required all of the Fire and Rescue Signs to be replaced due to a nationwide upgrade.

Services Provided:

Although the process for replacing the signs was relatively simple due to most of them being at face height, the locations of the various stations proved challenging. Some of the sites were located as far away as Orkney, Stornoway and the Western Isles leading to new challenges which we do not often encounter, such as managing ferry times and accommodation shortages. We were not discouraged by this however and plans were made to ensure all of the replacements were done in a cost effective manner.

Result / Technical Details:

For the Western Isles section of the project we sent our team island hopping in the Company campervan armed with a timetable for Calmac Ferries. We did not meet many people along the way due to the remoteness of the stations so we were surprised to arrive at Gigha Fire and Rescue Station to find a group of young enthusiastic cadets. They were very helpful and seemed impressed with their brand new sign!